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#1 in U.S. Adult Standards Radio Airplay July 2009

Five 2010 Grammy Categories

Chosen by Professional Broadcasters as One of the Top Five Standards Albums of 2009

Nationally syndicated radio personality Johnny Magnus told his audience "when you hear great orchestrated vocals you always think of L.A. or New York, never Chicago.  Now you have to!"

Marc Angel, CEO of The Music Of Your Life radio network said on his show "we get a lot of new music in here, and most of it is pretty good, but folks I've got to tell you, this is the tops!"

Hollywood legend Lalo Schifrin wrote after hearing Denise's remake of The Cincinnati Kid "I must congratulate you for your rendition and also, please convey to the arranger and the musicians my applause.  The record is really cooking and your singing is outstanding!"

Chicago Jazz about one of the songs: "Next is the sultry sound of “Whatever Lola Wants.” The powerful horn section does not overpower Brigham’s vocals. A great recording effort, surely, but she moves from silky vocal lines that could be perfect with a trio, into some sheer power that hangs with that monster horn section."

Denise is proud to be signed to the Gold Label of Beverly Hills. She joins fellow artists Pat Boone, Jack Jones, Debbie Boone, Ryan DeHues, Glen Campbell, David Diggs, Melody Federer, Rachel Diggs and more.

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Special note for radio show hosts and program directors:  We are quite happy to supply a small quantity of autographed CD's for promotional on-air give-aways if requested.  Denise is available for interviews with advance booking and can also produce customized liners and radio announcements.

Below are links to the songs from HOTEL LAFAYETTE and the album's media kit.  Please note that because these are set at high bit-rates (320kps) it may take a long time to load depending on your connection speed and browser.

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Click the image below to download the pdf file of HOTEL LAFAYETTE's media kit

Here are two short videos showing the production process for HOTEL LAFAYETTE 


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