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Denise is a native Chicagoan who wanted to be a performer from her earliest memories.  She was born into a talented family where her father Eugene was an accomplished pianist and her older sister Debbie went on to earn a masters degree in music therapy.

Despite her love for theatre and music though she never had the opportunity to pursue her dreams while growing up.  It wasn't until many years later that she started with the encouragement of her husband and local celebrity and restaurateur Tony Spavone.  For the next couple of years she then worked with other entertainers in a backup role before starting her own show in 2005.  She quickly became a success and started performing at a number of restaurants and nightclubs around Chicago.  During this time she also studied with Chicago's top vocal coach Randy Buescher to refine her performance and it soon paid off.  In the summer of 2007 she was introduced to renowned Chicago arranger and producer Carey Deadman at a friend's CD release party and that in turn led to a collaboration with Carey a year later.

After a year and a half later in production and with a budget of over $100,000 Denise released her first major album, titled HOTEL LAFAYETTE, in May of 2009 to rave reviews from the critics.  Nationally syndicated radio host Johnny Magnus told his audience "when you hear great orchestral vocals you always think of L.A. or New York, never Chicago.  Now you have to!"  Marc Angel, CEO of the Music Of Your Life radio network, told his listeners "folks, we get a lot of new music in, and most of it is pretty good, but I've got to tell you, this is the tops!"  Even the legendary Hollywood composer Lalo Schifrin heaped praise on it for her version of the theme he wrote for the classic movie the "Cincinnati Kid". Apparently a lot of others agree as the album shot to the top of the Adult Standards radio airplay charts in July of 2009, was accepted into five major Grammy categories, and was chosen by professional broadcasters as one of the top five Standards albums of the year displacing even Barbra Streisand and Liza Minnelli..

Today Denise is part of Pat Boone's Gold Label Artists and she performs in concert in various cities around the U.S. with a number of regional "Pops" symphonies as well as in her own production show. She is currently preparing for a new recording session with a brand new original Christmas song sung as a duet with fellow Gold Label recording artist Ryan DeHues. Look for it's release for the 2012 Christmas season!

Show Information:

Denise's new show is aptly titled "The Essence of Music" and is a blend of classic songs from great American standards, memorable hits from the 50's and 60's, and a selection of great Hollywood and Broadway show tunes.  This latter group is highlighted during the show as she displays some of her wardrobe and props collection from famous celebrities and movies.  New this year is also a special tribute to our Veterans and the military services.

Support Crew:

Denise's show production is done by Continental Entertainment of Streamwood Illinois and features the very best in sound, lighting and special effects.  She also frequently works with top area musicians depending on the venue.


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