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CRC9-15- 002b.jpg (358489 bytes)

A backseat view of the control center and 72 track board in one of Chicago Recording Company's big studios.

CRC9-15- 003b.jpg (301287 bytes)

Looking immediately left from the control console is the room where they put the trombones.

CRC9-15- 006b.jpg (357776 bytes)

Still on the left but in front of the trombone room is where the trumpets are placed.

CRC9-15- 007b.jpg (304715 bytes)

The room directly in front of the control center is where the saxophones or flutes are placed depending on what part of the score they are recording.

CRC9-15- 009b.jpg (317195 bytes)

To the right of the center room with the saxophones you will find a main room where the piano is located and is sometimes shared with guitars.  Just past the piano is a room for the drummer, and to the right more studios for the bass and vocalists.

CRC Studio 4 004.jpg (1779529 bytes)

A partial view of the VIP seating area behind the control console in Chicago Recording Company's Studio 4.  If you saw the movie "Ocean's 12" you have seen this studio before as part of it was filmed here.

CRC_Studio_10_001480.jpg (58814 bytes)

In Studio 10 at Chicago Recording Company working on the final vocal tracks for her new album.  Unlike the large studios upstairs where the band and orchestra sessions took place, this small studio is a very relaxing place for singers with plush furniture, soft lighting, and a very "unique" decor.

ToneZoneSession 001 640.jpg (92933 bytes)

One of the orchestra recording sessions done at Tone Zone Studios in Chicago.  The high ceilings and unique acoustics here make it ideal for recording strings.  Here you also see star conductor Colin Welford getting ready to lead the session.

Photo_060108_001.jpg (95539 bytes)

Denise with good friend and fellow performer Jerry Hendrix.  Jerry was one of the members of the famous Drifters in the 1950's and is still performing a power-packed show around Chicago.

Photo_060108_002.jpg (86771 bytes)

Denise with the legendary Del Brown from the famous 50's and 60's Doo-Wop group the Chi-Lites.  Del still sounds and performs as good as then!

MiltandBubba001_editeda.jpg (252933 bytes)

Two of Denise's best friends and very favorite entertainers: (L) Dave "Bubba" Mitchell and (R) the legendary Milt Trenier.

Wayne&Denise-web.jpg (33368 bytes)

Denise gets a big hug and kiss back stage from Wayne Newton.

Tony-Spavone-002web.jpg (28408 bytes)

Denise with good friend and mentor Tony Spavone, renowned Chicago restaurateur and singer.

Victor Giannotti B.jpg (89942 bytes)

Denise gives and gets a hug from Victor Giannotti, owner of Chicago's famous Giannotti Italian Steakhouse, where she performed numerous times.  Giannotti's was always Frank Sinatra's favorite restaurant in Chicago.

Grabbed-Frame-4-web.jpg (38061 bytes)

Singing with Bruce Oscar's jazz all-stars at the legendary Viking's anniversary show.

Benefit 1 003.jpg (70190 bytes)

Denise with good friend and fellow performer Victor Pacini.

Denise and Sam 001a.jpg (106114 bytes)

Denise with good friend and fellow performer Sam Magdal (R) and his music director Ken

July-6-004-web.jpg (20820 bytes)

On Stage At 3 Olives

Hines 001b.jpg (112305 bytes)

Hines 002b.jpg (126964 bytes)

Denise with some of the Veterans at Edward Hines Memorial Hospital 8/14/07

Hines 003b.jpg (120259 bytes)

Denise with Robert Kolling (L) and Joe Cantafio (R), founders of the USA Forgotten Heroes Project

Vegas110web.jpg (41070 bytes)

Denise and her daughter Amanda in front of Paris in Las Vegas




Denise with good friends and fellow entertainers Ron Estrada (L) and Rick Hunt