DENISE BRIGHAM: Hotel Lafayette

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New Recording Session Set - November 2011

Denise will be back in the studio in June of 2012 with her full production team to record several new songs, one of which will be a brand new original Christmas song sung as a duet with Gold Label recording artist Ryan DeHues.

2011 Veterans Christmas Concert Announced

Denise will perform her annual Christmas concert for the wounded veterans at the Hines Veteran's Hospital on December 20th along with musicians from Broadway In Chicago backing her. This is always one of her favorite shows to do each year and there is no better audience in the world!

Denise & Pat!

Denise backstage with Pat Boone at Bearcreek Farms earlier this year.

HOTEL LAFAYETTE rated #4 - January, 2010

Every year members of the Long Island Broadcasting Group puts together a list of the top 50 new albums of the year and then plays them in a countdown on New Year's Eve on radio station WHLI. Here it is:


50. Kevin Dozier – Love-Wise
49. Lindsay George – Living Inside Out
48. Tish Oney – Dear Peg
47. Melinda Doolittle – Coming Back To You
46. Carol Welsman – I Like Men
45. Neal E. Boyd – My American Dream
44. Engelbert Humperdinck – A Taste Of Country
43. Bernie Williams – Moving Forward
42. Larry Applewhite – Don’t Pull Away (single)
41. Nathaniel Nunziante – I Walk These Roads
40. Linda Eder - Soundtrack
39. Deana Martin - Volare
38. Engelbert Humperdinck– Endlessly b/w No One Ever Told Me (single)
37. Jaimee Paul – At Last
36. Carrie Underwood w/ Randy Travis – I Told You So (single)
35. La Tanya Hall – It’s About Time
34. Various artists – Sinatra: His Way, Our Way
33. Harry Connick Jr. – Your Songs
32. Jane Monheit – The Lovers, The Dreamers, And Me
31. Traincha – Who’ll Speak For Love (Burt Bacharach Songbook II)
30. Jonny Blue - Taboo
29. Frank Rendo – Deliver Me
28. Jeff Bradley – Sunset (single)
27. Jackie Ryan - Doozy
26. Donna Greene & The Roadhouse Daddies – A Girl’s Gotta Have A Little Pleasure
25. Robert Poe – I’d Rather Be Blue (single)
24. Nellie McKay – Normal As Blueberry Pie
23. Frank Sinatra – Sinatra; New York (5 disc box set: 4 CDs, 1 DVD)
22. Melissa Morgan – Until I Met You
21. Carl Beluga & His Orchestra - Starswinger
20. Tony DeSare – Radio Show
19. Sally Kellerman - Sally
18. Diana Krall – Quiet Nights
17. Frank Sinatra – Sinatra Live At The Meadowlands
16. Jane Norman – With Love To Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland
15. Victoria Hart with Pavao – The Lost Gershwin
14. Liza Minnelli – Liza’s At The Palace
13. Paul Potts - Passione
12. Rod Stewart - Soulbook
11. Ray Stevens – Ray Stevens Sings Sinatra …Say What?
10. Gary Fields – Sounds About Right
9. Perry Danos – Swingin’ On The Moon
8. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – How Big Can You Get?
7. Barbra Streisand – Love Is The Answer
6. Melody Gardot – My One And Only Thrill
5. Todd Murray – Stardust & Swing
4. Denise Brigham – Hotel Lafayette
3. Vanessa Williams – The Real Thing
2. Michael Buble – Crazy Love
1. Renee Olstead - Skylark

Looks good to us!

Vegas Trip - June, 2009

In early May right after the album's release Denise and Adrian flew to Las Vegas to meet with several radio stations and industry people.  Business is business, but this gives us a chance to post a picture of Denise with Kim Linzy, music director at KUNV.  If every MD was as nice and sweet as Kim the world would be a much happier place!

HOTEL LAFAYETTE Officially Released - May, 2009

HOTEL LAFAYETTE was officially released on April 27th in a very wonderful and highly emotional way.

During one of the final vocal sessions an idea was floated about possibly involving the Make-A-Wish foundation in the day by offering a recording session for one of their kids in need.  Denise was thrilled with the idea because this has been her dream since childhood, and if she could make it happen for another young adult she wanted to do it.  Make-A-Wish was contacted and what unfolded turned out to be of the best matches they have ever done.  The morning of April 27th a very lovely and talented young lady named Taylor arrived at Chicago Recording Company with her whole family including her grandmother and her boyfriend.  She was greeted by Colin Welford and the entire orchestra from "Wicked" and spent the next few hours recording three songs.  Carey Deadman served as the producer and arranger and Chris Steinmetz headed up the engineering.  In other words, the entire team that did Denise's album came back together to donate their time and services to make Taylor's wish come true.  That afternoon Carey and Chris mixed the songs and at Denise's album release party that night in Studio 4 Taylor was introduced as the special guest of honor and presented with her own album.  In a flood of happy tears she said it was the best day of her life, and to be able to make it happen made the release of HOTEL LAFAYETTE very special indeed!

A Very Special Letter Received - February 2009

While the engineers are busy doing the final edits we sent an advance promo copy of "The Cincinnati Kid Theme" to the legendary Hollywood composer Lalo Schifrin.  Mr. Schifrin, who has written the music for many great movies including many of Steve McQueen's and Clint Eastwood's,  wrote this incredible song in 1965 for the movie which starred Steve McQueen, Edward G. Robinson, Ann Margaret and Karl Malden.  To this day many consider it to be the best movie about poker that has ever been done.  The song became so important to us that it really became the centerpiece of the album and even led us to name it "Hotel LaFayette" in honor of the filming location in New Orleans.  A couple of days ago we received this letter from Mr. Schifrin,

Dear Ms. Brigham:

Thank you so much for selecting the Cincinnati Kid for your recording.   I must congratulate you for your rendition and also, please convey to the arranger and the musicians my applause.  The record is really cooking and your singing is outstanding!  You mentioned that Andre Kostelanetz's instrumental version which I haven't heard.  On the other hand, I had the pleasure to compose, arrange, record, and conduct the original for Ray Charles in the end credits of the film.  Once again, Bravo!

Best regards,

Lalo Schifrin

Needless to say we are all very, very proud of this!

Show Changes

With HOTEL LAFAYETTE now released work on Denise's new concert show is coming together very nicely and it will be totally unlike anything Denise has done before.  A seven piece band, all new arrangements, new costumes and a dynamic new lighting system and stage set are all part of the plans.  The set will also include video projection and special effects.

We are currently negotiating with a number of theatres for show dates and should have some sort of schedule put together relatively soon.  One for sure though is Denise will be returning the Huntley/Dell Webb area this year at the beautiful Huntley Performing Arts Center.  We'll have the exact date shortly and others soon afterward.

New Merchandise Coming

Denise will be introducing her new line of jewelry very soon.  She has put together a unique collection of lovely necklaces and accessories that are the same as the ones she wears in her concerts.  The great thing about them though is that not only are they gorgeous, but quite inexpensive.  Denise loves jewelry, but she doesn't like to spend a lot of money it, so she spent quite a bit of time looking for high quality merchandise that is VERY reasonably priced.  As soon as we get the pictures taken we'll post them in the store here on the website, and of course they will be available for purchase at her concerts!

The Jazz Session - May 20th 2008

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The first recording session at Chicago Recording Company took place on May 20th, 2008.  Two tracks were completed in jazz format featuring Jeremy Kahn on piano, Nick Schneider on bass, Chuck Christianson on drums, and Eric Schneider on saxophone.  Produced and arranged by Carey Deadman, re-harms courtesy of Jeremy,  and mastered by chief engineer Chris Steinmetz.  An awesome session with incredible arrangements say it all, but none of this would have been possible without the fantastic talent of the artists and engineers involved.

Denise also wants to give a very special thank you to her friend and fellow performer/recording artist Tony Andriacchi.  Tony is the one who helped her get this whole process rolling and has been supportive throughout.  Tony took time off to come for the day and help with great coaching and warm enthusiasm.  Tony is not only a great artist, he is a true friend and we're thrilled to have his help.  For those who don't know of him yet please visit his website and buy his album (which Carey also produced).  You won't be disappointed!

P.S. - What is a good "studio" microphone worth?  The one in the picture on the upper left that Denise is using costs.....

$25,000 (no decimals)

What happens in Vegas should be heard everywhere - August 2008

In August Denise was in Las Vegas for a "working" vacation.  While there she visited two of the top radio stations to introduce her album project and was warmly received by both.  Above you see Denise posing with KJUL music director David Allen.  KJUL is indeed a jewel of a station.  They play a wonderful mix of classic standards, easy hits of the 50's and 60's, and modern big band artists such as Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr..  You'll hear songs that don't get much airplay anywhere else these days,  so we highly recommend listening to them in the Vegas area at 104.7 FM, or online at the link below!

KJUL Online

International Recording Artist!

It takes a while to receive sales reports from the various stores and distributors that carry Denise's music.  It wasn't until about six months after the initial posting of "The Jazz Session" and the two songs on that sampler that we started getting any significant reports back.  Considering this release was really intended for radio promotion only (but not submitted for technical reasons) and never promoted to the public we were pleasantly surprised at the results.  Sales have been reported not only in the United States but also across Europe from England to Italy.  Not bad when you realize there was no advertising or promotion for this mini-album; just word of mouth!

Hines Veterans Hospital Shows - December 2007

Back in February Joe Cantafio of the Forgotten Heroes Project saw Denise perform and took a card.  In early July he called to see if she would be willing to do a benefit show for our wounded military vets in August and she immediately and enthusiastically agreed.  "I consider it an honor and a privilege to perform for these wonderful people" she said, "They have sacrificed so much for all of us!"  The show was a great success and was even covered at length by The Daily Herald newspaper.  We strongly encourage everyone to check out the Forgotten Heroes website and support this wonderful cause in any way possible.

(Shortly afterward Denise received the following email from Joe):


You can be that you will be asked to lift the spirits and morals of our forgotten heroes again, after all you were awesome and the men and women at Hines VA loved you performance.

Joe Cantafio / Robert Kolling - Forgotten Heroes, Inc.

Several months later Denise returned to Hines to perform a Christmas show and following that she received another very special note from Joe:


I'm sure you and Adrian cannot fathom the impact you have on these forgotten heroes.  I know you see it when you are there, but you give them something to talk about for months after you appear and you give them something to look forward to when they hear you're coming.

They frame your photo, look at it, and smile!

Your music brings them back to better days and helps them forget, for just an hour, the trials they suffer now.

God bless America, and may God continue to bless you and Adrian for all you do for our great veterans.  Bob Kolling and I appreciate the fact that you give and give to these heroes.  We will call upon you again.

Love and Merry Christmas,

Joe Cantafio

This show and Joe's letter were the best Christmas present one could get!

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